Green Stealth Renewable Energy has a regional base in Kuwait that serves as its HUB for the GCC  and MEA. This entity is a fully integrated systems and services providing arm serving the electrical power generation industry, where Power is its Sole Focus.
 Our skillful engineers and substantial investments in new technologies are all dedicated to provide solutions that meet your specific requirements, whether in the Government sector, Public Safety & Security, Military, Oil & Gas, Telecommunication Companies, Municipalities, Power Generation, Health Care, Hospitalities, Construction, Education, Banking, as well as end users who require electrical power on-site or in remote areas.
Having Partnered with the first class Renewable Energy Power Manufacturers, RE Savings and Solution Providers, GS local and regional engineering and technical experience as an RE system integrator and RE service provider, has the capability to provide our customers with systems and solutions to meet all their On-Grid and Off-Grid Power requirements.


The Sun’s energy that falls on the Planet every one hour is almost equal to the amount of energy used by the entire human population in one year. The threat to the planet from climate change, depletion of our natural energy resources and concern over the long term security of our energy supplies, means that energy efficiency and carbon dioxide emissions reduction has never been higher on social and political agendas.

Geographically our region has a natural benefit of more irradiation throughout the year. Among many world regions, Middle Eastern and African countries have therefore taken several initiatives to reduce the carbon foot print and to add more power to the electrical system through renewable source such as solar and wind.

GS WIND power Vertical Axis Wind Turbines have many advantages, which are, inter-alia:

  • Small sized, so they need less cost, e.g., less weight, less insurance, transport costs and less manpower to erect.
  • Can be mounted on nearly any surface, angle of a building or tower.
  • No Gear, hence no associated troubles in the gear-box
  • No need for lubrication/oil
  • Scalable
  • Almost Free-Maintenance
  • Long-Life Span
  • Environmentally friendly

In the light of an ever-rising energy costs, climate change and changing legislation, the need for a low carbon electricity producing technology that is future proof, cost effective and able to use an unlimited, sustainable sources of energy is paramount.

Smart initiatives from private and government entities have provided a firm back bone to the green future. With each site’s own electrical generation, even an individual will be able shortly to trade the generated electricity with the utilities provider.


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